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Horseback Riding On the Beach in Mexico- Should You Try it? - Chef Ben and Erin

Horseback Riding On the Beach in Mexico- Should You Try it?

My family went on a cruise to Mexico with Royal Carribbean! When we arrived at our destination for the day, Ensenada, Mexico, We decided to do try a local activity horseback riding on the beach! It waas very fun for us!

What Options Are Available for Horseback Riding on the Beach in Mexico?

Horseback riding on the beach in Mexico is a unique and thrilling experience. The combination of horse and sea makes for an exhilarating adventure that offers a variety of activities. From, horseback tours along the shoreline, horseback trails in the forest, or just simply taking a leisurely ride along a warm beach, horseback riding on the beach in Mexico offers something for everyone.

The country’s long coastline provides countless opportunities to explore different beach areas and enjoy some breathtaking vistas. Horseback riders can see everything from pristine white sand beaches to lush tropical forests as they traverse across beaches in Mexico. Riders can find plenty of horse-friendly routes with gently rolling hills as well as challenging mountain trails that lead up to ancient ruins or isolated beaches.

TripAdvisor has a list of the 10 best horseback beach experiences in mexico here! 

Finding your Guide

For us, it was pretty easy to find a local guide, actually we were approached on the street by a man who agreed to schedule the entire tour for us! We got into a horse drawn carriage and he took us to the destination where we got onto the horses and had a guide take us on the beach. I was happy that we didn’t have to go it alone. Since we arrived on a ship from the cruise we didn’t have a local concierge to schedule the entire experience for us, we actually had no problem figuring it out ourselves.

How Long Does the Horseback Riding Experience Take?

Depending on how much time riders have available, horseback riding trips on Mexican beaches can be done over an hour or two and it leaves you with plenty of time to enjoy the rest of the day.  There are a variety of tour operators who specialize in horseback tours throughout Mexico and offer various packages covering different regions within the country. Many operators provide comprehensive guides who share their knowledge of natural history and local culture adding to an authentic Mexican experience.


Is it safe to Try this in Mexico?

When it comes to horsemanship, Mexico is known for its skilled trainers and riders. The extensive range of services offered by traditional haciendas includes lessons for beginners as well as advanced training courses for experienced equestrians. Those looking for an even more immersive experience can participate in cross-country rides or cattle roundups where they will need to demonstrate their skill in order to complete these challenging tasks successfully.

Personally I found that the horses were very well trained and didn’t seem to be dangerous at all. I would suggest using caution in who you are going with and make sure to always use general travel safety when doing any experience like this.

For those looking for horseback rides near urban centers, there are many options too! Popular destinations such as Cancun or Playa del Carmen boast numerous horse rental services with professional staff members who provide guidance during your ride through paradisiacal landscapes surrounded by lush palm trees and crystal clear waters!

Horseback riding on the beach in Mexico is an adventure not to be missed! With its amazing locations, talented trainers and horses, plus endless activities – horse riding on Mexican beaches won’t disappoint you! So if you’re looking for some excitement under the sun – look no further than horse riding on the beach in Mexico!

Would we try this experience again? I definitely would especially if I was staying in a resort or wanted to do a romantic activity with my partner. Read more about our Royal Carribean Cruise here!


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