Best Amazon Travel Essentials 2022


No matter what your travel style is, everyone would love these Amazon travel essentials! Whether it’s a comfy travel pillow for long flights, a trusty first-aid kit for emergencies, or that one piece of jewelry that makes you feel like an absolute queen at the airport – these travel essentials will have you looking and feeling good on your travels. So before you book that next ticket out of town, make sure you have all the travel essentials to make it even more enjoyable!

It has been such a crazy few years, Covid has really affected the travel industry but fortunately the world is now beginning to open back up and we are able to travel again. I have a question for you, did you travel during Covid at all or were you able to stay inside and quarantine the whole time? For us we did get a bit of cabin fever and ended up taking an amazing trip to Miami and the Florida Keys. Now that the pandemic doesn’t have our world closed, and people are traveling much more, I have rounded up a list of some of the Best Amazon Travel Essentials that you’ll love when you take your next trip. We had a blast on our recent carnival cruise, read more about that here!

You can find them all here on my Amazon Storefront,  but keep reading because I’m sharing my absolute favorites with you!

1. Amazon Travel Essential – Travel Toiletry Bag

A good travel toiletry bag is essential for your vacations. They’ve got different compartments and hold a variety of makeup, skincare products, and essentials like face sponges and qtips, even feminine hygiene products can find their home in a good travel bag. The best ones are hangable which reduces space on often smaller hotel bathroom countertops. There’s nothing worse than markeup opening and getting all over your clothes or a shampoo bottle popping open on your favorite pair of tennis shoes! These can fit easily in your carryon and you might consider always putting this in your carryon especially if you are traveling with medication. My Amazon pick is the Travel Toiletry Bag with Hanging Hook

2. Amazon Travel Essential- Mesh Beach Bag

Mesh Beach Bags are a summer staple for any traveller. Whether you’re going on a far-flung excursion to the Caribbean or just heading out for a day trip to your local beach, having a Mesh Beach Bag can make all the difference between an okay day and an awesome one. Mesh Beach Bags are both stylish and practical as they keep all your important items secure, dry and sand-free. With Mesh Beach Bags, you can worry less about your stuff and focus instead on surf, sun, and fun (just don’t forget sunscreen!) My amazon pick is the REEMTOO Mesh Beach Bag. I love the colors and how easy it is to fold up!

3. Amazon Travel Essential- Straw Beach Bag

It’s hard enough to keep all your beach-day essentials in check, but now you can make it even easier with a Straw Beach Bag. Whether you’re a sunbather or a sandcastle enthusiast you need the perfect carry-all – and it simply doesn’t get better than a Straw Beach Bag. Lightweight and made from natural materials, it’s the ideal companion for exploring new places or simply wandering down to your local beach. So whether you’re hoping for an exotic beach escape or just want to hit up some sights closer to home, make sure you bring along your Straw Beach Bag – because life is more fun with one when travelling! My choice is the Genovega Mesh Straw Beach Bag Tote, because it is Waterproof and Stylish, so it is a functional choice you can wear through your entire vacation.

4. Amazon Travel Essential- Nautical Large Beach Bag

When it comes to beach trips, a stylish beach bag is an absolute must have for any traveller worth their salt. After all, the whole point of travelling is having stylish experiences and unforgettable memories. With a stylish beach bag, you can enjoy yourself out and about in the sand and surf without having to worry about losing your belongings or storing them awkwardly. Plus, who wouldn’t love accessorizing with something that looks so fashionable? Whether you want something bold or something understated, there’s bound to be a stylish beach bag that fits your travel style. So don’t forget your stylish beach bag when planning your next holiday! I really love the Nautical look of this bag from Amazon,  It would make a great gift also!

5. Amazon Travel Essential- Leopard Print Pool Bag

Whether you’re poolside or pooling up at the beach, a pool bag is an essential for hauling all your travel must-haves. Whether you’re a pool purist who only wants to pack extra sunscreen or a pool party enthusiast who needs to fill their pool bag with all the snacks and beverages they can carry, this stylish accessory has you covered. Don’t leave home without it! leopard print fashion is the perfect way to add some serious vavavoom to any outfit.

Not only does leopard printing provide an endless array of style choices and combinations with other patterns, but it also comes with an air of mystery. A leopard print piece says that you know who you are and aren’t afraid to stand out and make a statement – something everyone can get behind. So if you’re feeling bold, why not go wild with leopard print? You’ll never regret showing the world that the animal inside you isn’t afraid to shine! This is my choice for a cute stylish Leopard Print Pool Bag on Amazon.

6. Amazon Travel Essential- Passport Cover Holder

Why do travelers need passport cover holders? Is it for protection or a hint of style? Maybe a bit of both! No matter the reason, passport cover holders have become indispensable items for the frequent traveler. Not only does a passport cover holder keep your passport safe as you travel around the world, it also offers an extra bit of flair to your passport and elevates its style from drab to fab. With passport covers in various materials and designs, you can find one that fits with your global wanderlust. So when you’re ready to explore new places, be sure you’ve got a passport cover holder on standby! I love this option from Amazon because its the perfect mix of function and style!

7. Amazon Travel Essential- Best Pet Carrier System for Travelers

Traveling with pets can be challenging, but pet carrier travel systems make it easy! Not only do pet carriers provide a secure and comfortable way to transport animals, but they also come with convenient forms of transportation like rolling carriers, carts and strollers. This extensive pet travel option allows pet owners the freedom to take their pet virtually anywhere – from outdoor adventures to plane rides – without being a pet parent-failure! With pet carrier travel systems, pet owners can feel confident that their pet is safe and sound as they explore all the wonders of life. My choice from amazon is the Pet Gear 3-in-1 Travel System. this travel system is so easy to use and makes traveling with pets a breeze.

8. Amazon Travel Essential- Buy Your Own Snorkel/ Dive Gear

It’s no secret why snorkeling is a favorite activity for globetrotters; why, it combines the thrill of exploring the depths of the ocean with some much-needed relaxation. Not to mention that every adventure can potentially lead you to incredible sights. From colorful coral reefs to friendly sea creatures, there’s something exciting to be found everywhere you look while snorkeling – why, you might even be thrilled by the unexpected surprise of an octopus! Whether you’re diving in the warm waters of the Caribbean or discovering a new corner of your local beach, snorkeling is sure to bring a smile on any traveler’s face and offer them a unique experience. My choice for buying your own gear is the Wacool Gear on Amazon. Its very well made and comes with a lifetime guarantee!

What are your top choices for travel essentials?



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